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Satellite Internet from Exede in Tehachapi, Ca

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Satellite Internet from Exede in Tehachapi, Ca

Exede available in Tehachapi, Ca from TBB

Exede from TBB brings you in to the next generation of rural online services. It is ViaSat's latest satellite internet provider, with rising demands from rural customers and expectations that exceed those of other competitors. Download sharper HD movies, larger photos, etc., with greater ease, and send e-mail much faster. The ideal mixture of optimum bandwidth and wireless technology has made it possible even for those who reside in remote rural areas to enjoy the Internet.

Internet Package Options

Our multiple package options give you more choices to pick from so as to accommodate your needs. Beginning at a low cost of $49.99, you can access a bandwidth of 10GB per month; ideal for those making new connections with the online world. Those who use the Internet for only the most basic reasons, including reading up on recent news events, transmitting e-mails to loved ones and researching various topics, will absolutely adore this plan. And for just $30 more, you can access twice the capacity at 15GB, enabling the user to watch more movies, send more pictures, and optimize one's media-based online experience. For those who spend a great deal more time on the computer, the 15GB plan is ideally suited; this is the plan that will facilitate the use of graphics heavy sites like YouTube and Facebook. The final plan we offer provides you with 25GB with the highest, best and fastest quality that satellite internet can provide you for just $129.99 per month. It is most commonly preferred by families whose members access the net throughout the day from multiple computers, or for those who manage large files and online streaming. Our premium packages and plans provide you with guaranteed quality streaming and service you can trust.

HughesNet High Speed

Dish Network's satellite broadband associate, HughesNet, provides the same offers but with more restrictions. Unlike Exede, they have a cap of 250MB per day which does not allow customers to reach their full potential in web surfing. Satellite broadband internet is no stranger to HughesNet and if they manage to get an updated satellite system in place, they may become contenders with Viasat.

High Speed Cable Internet

Time Warner, Cox, Comcast and other cable companies offer online services that restrict patrons to a single provider as well as certain geographic areas in which their Internet cables run. For rural residents, this can pose a difficulty. Cable internet is readily available to the more urban areas of the country and offers many different internet speeds.

Fiber Optics! The raison d'etre for Verizon and Google internet

Verizon FiOS has been around for a while - offering a fiber optic based internet connection. Google Fiber is a more recent addition to the fiber optic clan. FiOS and Fiber both use fiber optic cable which is a format of cable that uses light to transfer information and not electricity, which is susceptible to resistance. While there are many speed benefits in using fiber optic cable, the main problem (and it will probably be a problem for years to come) is that it is not available for most people.

Satellite Internet Technology

This new technology is now available to anyone, anywhere, since its launch in early 2012. ViaSat's Exede promises you reliable connection with the speed and quality you can't get from DSL or dial-up providers. By utilizing the Ka band (an upgrade from the Ku band that providers like Hughesnet uses), ViaSat 1 offers much higher bandwidth and speed so you can surf as well as those with cable.

This ideal mix of Internet technology has now been idealized to provide the ultimate online experience. You can do it all-and more quickly-with Exede Broadband Tehachapi, Ca from TBB.